Knowledge Reports


Securing Sustainable Growth for Haryana
Recommendations for Industrial Policy of Punjab
Securing Sustainable Growth for Bihar
Capacity Development and Skill Upgradation in North East
Make a smart choice – Invest in Haryana
Toward Accelerated Growth Policy & Economic Snapshot of North and Central India
Vision 2025 : Uttarakhand
Tamil Nadu – A Socio-economic snapshot 2015
Telangana – Gateway to the future of manufacturing
West Bengal – Towards Economic Resurgence
Discovery of India – The new growth destination
Delhi – The City of Excellence
Emerging India – Knowledge Banking
New Era of Economic Development in Haryana
Haryana – The Sustainable Growth Story
Rajasthan – Opportunities for Excellence
The Road Ahead to investment in Jammu & Kashmir
Enriching Sustenance – Strengthening the Pillars of Livelihood Security
New Era of Economic Development in Maharashtra
Maharashtra – Growth through Balanced Development
New Era of Economic Development in Punjab
Rajasthan – Opportunities for Excellence
New Era of Economic Development – Uttaranchal
The New Growth Destination – Goa
Karnataka Calling – Socio Economic Snapshot
Positioning Bengal as India’s leading Investment Destination