Neha is part of the YES Culture team with an aim to bring about a rapprochement between YES Global Institute and key cultural institutions. Her interest is in working with writers and artists; her goal is to contribute to developing the cultural sector in India.

Neha began her career working extensively in the cultural sphere in Pune, Maharashtra, where she was focused on youth outreach through various cultural initiatives from writing workshops to film screenings to panel discussions. She also worked extensively as an editor during a long association with Writer’s Side, one of India’s leading literary agencies. Her deep fascination with the visual arts also found her pursue a years-long engagement with the Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre, immersing herself in art history as she coordinated various exhibitions. She has extensive experience as a writer and ghostwriter in the spheres of fiction, art history and culture among others.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and an interdisciplinary Master’s degree in Creative and Cultural Industries from the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia, she is interested in interdisciplinarity between the arts.