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North East Region Initiatives

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The North East Region – Initiatives (NER-I) works on sustainable solutions to mainstream growth in North East India and establish the region as a trade hub for South East Asia and the ASEAN region. The region offers immense potential to generate new enterprise and livelihood creation opportunities for India’s young demographic dividend.

NER-I’s strength lies in the capability to supplement institutional and policy research with on-ground initiatives and pilot projects to showcase enablers to effective implementation. NER-I is creating development frameworks with emphasis on Institutional Innovation and Social Equity in Public Policy, Governance Reforms and Public Private Partnerships (PPP) to address key challenge of community participation and stakeholder consensus in development initiatives across sectors, including Inclusive and Social Banking, Tourism, Agribusiness, MSMEs, Skill Development, amongst others.


  • Innovative Research on developing concepts on ‘Social Equity’ and ‘Institutional Innovation’ in PPP for ‘sunrise’ sectors
  • Develop and use new tools and engagement processes to understand potential impact of Collaborative Community Models for equitable growth


  • World Bank – Government of India: National Agri Innovation Project (NAIP) – Only private sector participant in the project, Co-Principal Investigator for Components I and IV
  • Government of Scotland: Edge of India – Cooperative Tourism Development Project
  • Government of Australia-Australian Centre for International Agriculture Research (ACIAR) – Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO): SIAGI Project – Promoting socially inclusive and sustainable agricultural intensification in West Bengal & Bangladesh
  • Government of Tripura-ASSOCHAM: Invest Tripura Summit 2016


Tushar Pandey
Distinguished Fellow, YES Institute
Senior President
North East Region Initiatives, YES BANK

Parth Joshi
Fellow, YES Institute
Assistant Vice President
North East Region Initiatives, YES BANK