About Event

Traditional crafts techniques embodied with the Indian textiles are emblematic of the public heritage as well as integral life processes of the crafts clusters and communities. Rural livelihood development on traditional crafts today face the danger of succumbing to modernization and socio-economic changes in the nation, raising concerns about preserving the arts and crafts of posterity.

Key areas of discussion:

  1. Need to fathom and revive dying and forgotten crafts and skills in the textile sector
  2. Understand the dynamics of reinvention – innovation and experiments within traditional motifs, patterns and techniques
  3. Contemporary adapations around sustainability and originality
  4. Issues of sustainability of crafts as artisans seek alternative livelihoods
  5. Initiate employment viability vis-a-vis traditional textile clusters and artisan families
  6. Realize our responsibility towards history and the role of connoisseur in supporting crafts
  7. Value of crafts and handlooms in the Indian economy vis-a-vis the recent Budget outlines

Supporting Partners:


About the Panelists

1. Laila Tyabji: craft revivalist and founder of Dastkar, a Delhi-based NGO working for the revival of traditional crafts in India. She was honored by the Government of India in 2012 with the fourth-highest Indian civilian award of Padma Shri.

2. Asif Shaik: Master Embroiderer and Textile Curator based out of Ahmedabad. His curation ‘Resurgence’ at Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts in 2013 presented extensive experiments towards reviving textiles and various embroidery forms he has worked on for more than 22 years. He has recently formed Craft+Design+Society (CDS) to further this cause. He has been awarded by UNESCO (UNESCO Seal of Excellence), World Crafts Council (Award of Excellence) for his work.

3. Ashdeen Z Lilaowala: reviver of Parsi Gara Embroidery technique. His eponymous label ASHDEEN specializes in hand embroidered creations and he has conducted detailed research projects on Parsi embroidery for the Ministry of Textiles and travelled extensively for the same.


A Glimpse of the Event