Knowledge Reports


Emerging Opportunities in Cold Chain – The Fruit and Vegetables Value Chain Perspective
Start-ups – Transforming India’s Food Processing Economy
Indian Sea Food Industry – Cold Chain Perspective
Innovation in Cold Chain – The Dairy Value Chain Perspective
Innovation in Indian Agriculture – Select Case Studies
Organic Food Export from Sikkim – Perspective, Priorities and Way Forward
Make in India – Opportunites in the Food Processing Sector
Dairy Farming in India – A global comparison
Farm Mechanization in India – A Custom hiring perspective
Fruits and Vegetables Availability Maps of India
Indian Feed Industry – Revitalizing National Security
Indian Organic Sector – Vision 2025
Actualizing the Second White Revolution
Agri & Food Processing : India-ASEAN Opportunities for Strategic Partnerships
Agri-Infrastructure in India-The Value Chain Perspective
Biotechnology in Indian Agriculture
Second Green Revolution – Agriculture to Agribusiness
Technology: Harbinger of the Evergreen Revolution
FDI in Retail – Advantage Farmers
Cotton Market and Sustainability in India
Developing globally competitive fruit and vegetable value chains
eAgriculture – Empowering India
Farm Mechanization in India – A Status Paper
Agribusiness in Gujarat – Unleashing the Potential
Harnessing Agribusiness Potential in the North East
Indian Tea Industry – The Next Frontier
India & CIS – Synergy in Agrifood Business
India & CIS – Partners in Agrifood Business
Indo-Israel Partnership – An Agribusiness Opportunity
Indian Organic Foods Market
Karnataka – An attractive Investment Destination for the Food Processing Industry
Maharashtra – The fruit bowl of India
North East-Harnessing Agribusiness Potential
The North East Region – An unexplored Agribusiness Paradise
High Value Agriculture
Skill Development in Indian Agriculture
Opportunities in Cold Chain Sector in India
Opportunities in Dairy Sector in India
Opportunities in Farmer Producing Organization – FPO
Opportunities in Fisheries Sector in India
Opportunities in Foodgrains Sector in India
Opportunities in Food Processing Sector in India
Opportunities in Fruits & Vegetables Sector in India
Opportunities in Organic Food in India
Opportunities in Meat & Poultry Sector in India
Opportunities in Spices Sector in India
Cold Chain Opportunities in India
India’s Cold Chain Sector
Potatoes: Ensuring food security in the developing world
Revitalizing Indian agriculture-a road map
The Indian Processed Food Industry – A Diagnostic Review of Opportunities & Challenges
Ushering in India’s Second Green Revolution
West Bengal: Potatoes – Potential & Opportunities
Agri Clinics & Agri Business Centres
Indian Seed Industry – Connecting with farmers for over 50 years
Gujarat – Vibrant Agribusiness Potential
National Agriculture Market – Background and Way forward
Organic Food Export from Sikkim
Rural Retail – The Next Phase in Retailing
Indian Sugar Industry
The Indian Food Industry – The Food Safety Perspective
Bio-Technology in Indian Agriculture
Dairy Sector in India – Opportunities in Key States and Products
Horticulture Atlas of Rajasthan
Opportunities in Foodgrains Sector in India
Potential Opportunities for Horticulture Produce in Mizoram
Making Indian Dairy Farming Competitive – The small Farmer perspective
Madhya Pradesh – An abode of opportunities in Horticulture