Knowledge Reports


Innovating Pathways to Sustainable Finance in India
Electrical Vehicles – The Color is Green
Greening our Highways – A compilation of children’s impressions
Climate Finance – Innovating for India
E-waste Management in India – The Corporate Imperative
Ganga – An inclusive multi level stakeholder approach
Transplanting Growth – Greening our Highways
Valuing Natural Capital_Applying the Natural Capital Protocol
Circular Economy – A business imperative for India
Fewling the Growth – Food, Water, Energy Nexus for livelihood security in India
Social Equity and Affirmative Action
Natural Capital Mapping – Towards Achieving SDGs in India
Turning the Tide – Tracking corporate action on water security
Water – The Next Security Frontier
Low Carbon Industrial Growth in India
Green Real Estate Sector
Operationalizing Sustainability in Value Chain
Scaling SDG Finance in India