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YES Institute strongly believes that India’s social indices have to improve immensely if the dream of inclusive and sustainable growth is to be realized. The Institute envisages a new equilibrium of demand and supply side interventions to put India on a road to high social sector growth. Global innovations and technology advances happening elsewhere in the world, could assist in leapfrogging development in India. Focusing on new age infrastructure and new advanced materials is critical in ‘bringing the future to the present’ in India.

The Glocal Forums at the Institute works towards bringing in key insights from the socio-economic context of developed countries and localize appropriate solutions for the Indian context. The Institute believes that India is the most happening market and channelizing global interest appropriately will create the ecosystem to jumpstart the sunrise sectors of the Global Indian, i.e., the Glocal Economy. It undertakes extensive outreach, thought leadership and research across the innovation, technology and social space to build suitable networks and generate the required momentum for change in policy and mindset. The focus regions for global outreach are USA, Europe, UK, Asia and Rest of the World.”

Some of the calendar year initiatives of the team include:

Promoting Bilateral Relations

Advocacy for innovative financial investments and instruments for channelizing private capital into development through extensive outreach.

Playing a catalyzing role in accelerating bilateral trade and investment relations with forums like the UK India CEO Forum, UKIBC, LSE, USIBC, IACC, leading national industry chambers among several others.

Laying out the building blocks for heightened investment activity into the economy including through forums like World Economic Forum and Wharton India Economic Forum among others


YES Institute- UKIBC Study on ‘Demystifying the Indian Higher Education Ecosystem’. The report focuses on the critical element of ‘internationalization’ of Indian higher education for enabling rapid strides in quality and global recognition. The study is targeted at key Universities clusters in the UK for enabling potential collaborations with India.

Research and Policy Advocacy

The ongoing project on, ‘Developing a Credit Market for Higher Education’ aimed at attractive replaceable capital to self financed differentiated education models.

Research report on ‘Re-imagining Higher Education in India’ aimed at structural challenges in the Indian higher education system including internationalization.