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India is one of the fastest-growing large economies of the world, aptly described as the brightest spot on the global map, with GDP Growth expected to rise to 7.9% in 2017-18. The Indian Economy has transitioned from a state of crisis of confidence in 2013 to a bright spot in 2016.

The past few months in particular, have seen even renewed energy from the Government to enforce key reforms, and revive industrial sentiment. India is well positioned to withstand near-term global headwinds and the high volatility in global financial markets due to reduced external vulnerabilities, a strengthening domestic business and investment cycle, and a supportive policy environment.

A lucid and comprehensive understanding of all the trends and nuances of the Indian Economy is an imperative in the ever-changing global economic order. Business Economics Banking is the research and knowledge-driven team, domiciled within YES Institute, which provides authoritative, cutting edge macro/markets outlook and sectoral research content, both for external and internal consumption.

The team, through active participation in client meetings and Industry engagements, aims to further deepen YES Institute’s Mindshare. With strong international linkages and memberships, forums, digital enablement of vast economic research and forecasts as well as strategic convening with key Government and Industry stakeholders, Business Economics Banking plays a leading role in positioning YES Institute glocally.

The YES Institute-BEB team, led by eminent economist Dr. Shubhada Rao, who brings with her close to three decades of unparalleled experience, publishes periodic reports of evolving macroeconomic data and thematic reports on key economic trends. Over the years, primary research and reports published by YES Institute-BEB have been referred to and cited by key stakeholders including the Government, media and top clients.




Shubhada Rao
Distinguished Fellow, YES Institute
Group President and Chief Economist
Business Economics Banking, YES BANK

Yuvika Oberoi
Fellow, YES Institute
Vice President
Business Economics Banking, YES BANK

Garima Kapoor
Fellow, YES Institute
Vice President
Business Economics Banking, YES BANK