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The Indian Economy has transitioned from a state of crisis of confidence in 2013 to a bright spot in 2017

India remains one of the fastest-growing large economies of the world, aptly described as the “Brightest spot on the global economy map”. The Indian Economy has transitioned from a state of crisis of confidence in 2013 to a bright spot in 2017. The recent years have seen renewed energy from the Government to enforce key reforms and revive industrial sentiment via ease of doing business reforms, passage of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Bill, passage of GST among other measures.

India is well positioned to withstand near-term global headwinds and high volatility in global financial markets, especially those related to the policy stance of the new US administration, process of Brexit, continued fiscal policy expansion in EU, Japan, China and the recent rise in global commodity prices, due to its reduced external vulnerabilities, strong macros and a supportive policy environment.

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Stellar panel consisting of Shri Sanjeev Sanyal (Principal Economic Secretary, Ministry of Finance), Shri Bimal Jalan (Former Governor, RBI), Shubhada Rao and Preeti Sinha among others at the Thinkers Sandbox, where YES Global Institute -YES BANK was the Presenting Alliance Partner


Dr. Shubhada Rao in a fireside conversation with Mr. Amitabh Kant, CEO- NITI Aayog at National CFO Forum on “PSEs: The Original Bastions of Make in India”, organized jointly by YES Global Institute