YES Global Institute, the practicing think –tank at YES Bank has been established to focus on actualising India’s sustainable and inclusive socio-economic growth and development through research and financing in emerging sunrise sectors.

Headquartered in New Delhi, India – YES Global Institute produces research on areas that deeply affect India’s quality of life such as taxation, health-care, education, economic security, energy, natural resources and the environment from the private sector point of view.

The institute believes that India’s inclusive growth will come by establishing a mutually-beneficial partnership between the public sector’s governance and policy making & private sector’s innovation and entrepreneurship. Further it is important that India’s glorious past and rich culture that is anchored in the arts, crafts, frugal innovation and diversity be leveraged to define the country’s growth trajectory along a knowledge driven pathway.

YES Global Institute is driving the discourse on concepts such as cultural industries, innovation districts, natural capital & channelizing private capital for development in India. Our approach on taking these themes forward is through dialogue facilitation, knowledge creation, skill development and extensive stakeholder engagement.

Through knowledge collaboration between disciplines and bringing out multinational viewpoints at a domestic and global scale, the institute aims to effectively harness new technologies, business models and innovative approaches to develop and deliver policy advice.




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